Classes Offered

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre.


We also offer Limon Modern, Lyrical, and Contemporary for our competitive level dancers




This level offers syllabus curriculum, which will progress students towards a year end assessment, and a full recital performance. This level is great for students who are looking to have one performance, and a weekly class commitment.



This level is for dancers looking to enter the competitive dance world, at the beginner level. At this level, dancers begin training 2 nights a week, and would work towards one competitive routine to bring to the season. Dancers and parents will be introduced to this level under the direction of the Artistic Director and their teacher, to ensure a smooth introduction, and support the entire process. Novice dancers would only compete against other novice dancers, to ensure fair opportunity, and give the dancers room to progress. We offer both a level A, and B, so that dancers of all ages can begin their training with their peers. Participation in this program is by class audition only, at the beginner or novice level. (No prior training required)



This level is for dancers who have competed before. Dancers train a maximum of 3 nights a week, with all required elements to build a well-rounded dancer. Dancers will participate in examination classes, to ensure ballet training progresses properly, and technical foundation levels are met. Required training will vary according to the level the student is accepted into. Participation in this program is by class audition only.


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